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28 September 2023 - Story

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Choices

Healthy Snacks, Sarr Kyi, is a social mobilization campaign launched under the Healthy Choices project in Shwe Pyi Thar, peri-urban area of Yangon. It aims to improve the nutritional status of mothers of reproductive age working in factories while educating and raising awareness on the various nutritional profiles of the common snacks and encouraging more healthy choices for their families.

Healthy snacks and the messages were promoted by collaborating with food vendors in Shwe Pyi Thar with highlights on nutritional values and benefits of ingredients. Sarr Kyi created customized materials to help the existing food be more attractive for both vendors and customers and developed healthy options standouts for healthy choices by the customers. Campaign messages encouraged mothers to choose healthy and nutritious snacks, fresh food, and the type of snacks available at vendors' shops in their communities.

It also provided rewarding restamped loyalty cards to customers that encouraged more healthy purchases with extra free snacks after purchasing ten snacks at Sarr Kyi’s vendors shops. More than 9,000 loyalty cards claimed by the customers during the campaign period.

A 27-year-old woman who works at a garment factory shared her experience with the campaign, "I've had the chance to understand the nutritional value of the snacks I often have, such as Mohinga (traditional rice vermicelli with fish soup). It has been a delightful learning journey for me."

Before the campaign, it was observed that many vendors were not fully aware of the nutritional benefits of the food they were selling. With the campaign activities, they gained essential nutrition knowledge they could subsequently share within the community.

A 35-year-old vendor selling coconut noodles said, "I came to know that coconut is good for constipation. I wasn't aware of such information although I have been making food with these ingredients. Now I have gained knowledge with food and nutrition."

The campaign received an astounding reach of 1.76 M, engagement of 121K and more than 7.5K new followers to the page. Sarr Kyi's messages were a key in guiding mothers towards healthier snack choices for themselves, children, and their families in their everyday.

The Healthy Snacks, “Sarr Kyi”, Campaign has effectively reached the target communities, aiding them in making informed decisions when selecting healthier snack options for themselves and their families.