Thursday 27 October 2016

Actress Thet Mon Myint launches her 1000 Day Journey to help reduce child stunting

Actress Thet Mon Myint is inviting would-be-parents to follow her own 1000-day-journey on Facebook to raise awareness and help combat child stunting in Myanmar.

Thursday 29 September 2016

Time frame should be set to reach 20% spending on academia: NCRWG

An appropriate time frame should be set to ensure national spending on academia reaches 20% of public spending: NCRWG

Thursday 15 September 2016

Film highlights struggles to finish school in Kayah State

A short film featuring a young girl’s struggle to balance household chores and school, has won Save the Children’s inaugural Kayah State short film contest

Friday 3 June 2016

Breaking Vicious Cycle of Poverty in Poorest Areas

Lin Lin Kyaw is amongst 1.6 million children under-five in Myanmar who are stunted and cannot reach their fullest potential.

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Ensuring Safety for Children in Kayin State

Naing Paw, 32, is a mother of four and a parent education facilitator in Kayin State, Myanmar.

"My husband and I work as casual labourers for other people on farms and for whatever other work there is to be done.” she explained when asked about her activities outside of being a parent education facilitator.