Actress Thet Mon Myint launches her 1000 Day Journey to help reduce child stunting

Thursday 27 October 2016


Actress Thet Mon Myint is inviting would-be-parents to follow her own 1000-day-journey on Facebook to raise awareness and help combat child stunting in Myanmar.

Stunting is the failure to grow both physically and cognitively. It’s a condition caused by inadequate nutrition and repeated illness in the first 1000 days of a child’s life, from conception to their second birthday. It has long-term effects on children’s mental and physical development, resulting in reduced productive capacity and poorer health later in life.

Thet Mon Myint, who is expecting her second child in January, will post monthly updates on Save the Children’s Facebook page. The personal messages will promote healthy 1000-day practices from top nutritionists and from global authorities such as the World Health Organization. It will be her first role as Ambassador for Save the Children, one of the world’s leading NGOs dedicated to helping children.

Thet Mon Myint says she was shocked when she first found out about Myanmar’s high stunting rates and was compelled to use her public profile to help do something about it.

“When I became a mother, I realized all the feelings that mothers have. I want my children to be loved and to grow up healthy. But I also want the same for other kids in Myanmar too.”

“I consult with a doctor and a nutritionist regularly and follow their instructions. This helps me make the right decisions to feed my child properly and ensure that he doesn’t get sick.”

“But so many mothers in Myanmar don’t have the same access to this kind of information - and that’s why I want to open my life up like this and share some of the knowledge that I’m learning about healthy practices in the first 1000 days.”

Director of Programme Quality for Save the Children, Katy Webley, says that the initiative with Thet Mon Myint signifies the organisation’s commitment to making the reduction of child stunting in Myanmar a priority issue.

“Of all the issues impacting children in Myanmar, we believe that the reduction of stunting is one of the most important for us to help address. It is simply not acceptable that children are condemned to disadvantage for the rest of their lives due to poor practices in the first 1000 days.”

“I’m pleased to say that through the leadership of the National Nutrition Centre (NNC), and in partnership with donors and other institutions, there are emerging positive pathways and known solutions to reduce stunting in Myanmar. We must however continue to do more to ensure that no child in Myanmar is left behind.”

“We are proud to be working with Thet Mon Myint on this initiative – and we hope as many people as possible join Save the Children’s Facebook page to follow her 1000-day journey. There they will gain the knowledge to make healthy decisions to prevent stunting of their own children.”

Save the Children has also launched a short video starring Thet Mon Myint and children from ACAE Myanmar Pre-school. The video clip will be launched on Save the Children’s Facebook page today - and will also be screened in selected cinema’s across Myanmar for the next two weeks thanks to the generosity of Mingalar Cinemas Group and Mingalar Company Limited.

“As a celebrity, I hope the promotion of healthy 1000-day nutrition messages will reach as many people as possible,” says Thet Mon Myint. “My commitment to Save the Children will, I hope, be for the betterment for Children across Myanmar. I will make sure of it.”

To follow Thet Mon Myint’s 1000-Day Journey, go to Facebook and ‘Like’ Save the Children in Myanmar’s Facebook page: