Consultant - Monastic Education Sector Strategic Review

Purpose of Consultancy:

MEC supported a situational analysis of the Monastic Education Sector in 2015 prior to developing its Phase 2 strategy, and now is supporting a Monastic Education Sector Review four years later to inform further strategy and approaches.  MEC is recruiting a single person or group of consultants for this assignment. The objective is to review and analyze the situation of Monastic Education systems in terms of institutional support to and delivery of monastic education with a focus on developments since the previous Situational Analysis, and to provide recommendations to MEC on engagement and support to the Monastic Education Systems Sector.

Scope of Work

  • Mapping of stakeholders and designing the research framework and logistics
  • Literature review of relevant background documents and previous evaluations
  • Engagement with key stakeholders including monastic school staff, leadership, policy makers, service providers and donors
  • Analysis of findings and preparation of evidence-based recommendations

Expected Deliverables

Inception Report – This should be submitted within 1 week of the start of the contract. It should include a desk review of key documents, including earlier analysis from the Burnett Report (2014); Monastic Education Situation Analysis, (2015); Baka Law (2019); Basic Education Law (draft 2019), MEDG Annual Reports, 2017-2019. The Inception Report should include the detailed plan for field visits, key informant interviews and other data collection processes as well as the draft Tools and Forms to be used for data collection.

Draft Final Report – The Report should include the following sections: Executive Summary, Background, Methodology; Findings; Conclusions. A PPT presentation should also be prepared and a presentation organized for MEC staff and other key stakeholders.

Final Report – Based on comments during the PPT presentation and on feedback from the Draft Report, a revised Final Report will be submitted.

Requirements for Proposal Submission

Key staff/researchers – along with CVs and description of role in the research.

Methodology – Description of approach, processes and tools to be used – with time frame Budget.


The contract is expected to commence in early November 2019. This work is planned for completion within 6 weeks upon signing of the contract.


  • Extensive experience in Monastic Education in Myanmar.
  • Experience in Non-formal education in Myanmar.
  • Experience with National Education Reforms in Myanmar.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
  • Ability to be flexible and respond to changes as part of the review and feedback process.
  • Ability to interview senior monks, laypersons, government representatives, and school officials.

Location: Yangon, Myanmar, Myanmar

Contract - Full-Time

Closing date: Thursday 14 November 2019

All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified

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