Consultant - Broad Based Capacity Development on School Improvement Planning (SIP)


The Myanmar Education Consoprtium (MEC) would like to provide our partner organizations with a broad based capacity development process to strengthen school imptovement planning at local school and community levels. MEC’s partnersincludemonastic education and ethnic basic education providers across Myanmar. Four partners in have been identified – Kachin Education Consortium (KEC), Karen Educatiuon System Strengthening (KESS), Mon National Education Committee (MNEC) and Monastic Education Development Group (MEDG). It is expected that this will be the first phase of an exptended period of capacity development on SIP.


  1. To build capacity and knowledge on ‘School Improvement Planning’ (SIP) with education managers and techcnial staff of our four partners (KEC, KESS, MEDG, MNEC).
  2. To support MEC partners to review and revise their existing SMC and SIP guidleines.
  3. To support partners to develop/revise their SIP processes – the roles of HTs, teachers and SMC/PTA members in the process and the links to school development - in light of the existing national SIP guidelines and the potential for future compatability and alignment with the ethnic education systems.
  4. To introduce the concept of ‘Leaderhip for Learning’ (LfL).

Scope of Work


  1. Prepare overview and summaries of existing MoE training packages and modules (e.g., WB/MOE SIP and School Grant guides and tools. MoE Head teacher and SMC Training Guides, MNEC adapted SIP tools; UNICEF’s SSA/SIP – including their strengths and weaknesses – as well as summaries of state of the art practices in these areas.
  2. Conduct Consultative meetings with teams from each of MEC’s four partners on their needs and expectations for the development and use of SIP  Share the results of the review of MOE packages/modules and state of the art practices and exlore the relevance and adaptability of these packages/modules to the needs of each of the 4 ethnic systems including SIP capacity-building needs of HTs, teachers and  SMC/PTA members.
  3. Prepare detailed plans for follow up training and capacity support for each of the partners. Develop a plan of support based upon the current status and context, the existing capacity and tools, and the expecations  of MEC’s partners – within the overall scope and time frame of the contract.
  4. Develop and facilitate SIP capacity development support for each of the four partners through a series of workshops and learnign modules – with specific action plans for each partner.
  5. Work with MEC and partners to plan for further SIP capacity develoopment support through MEC’s workplanning, results framework, support approach, ongoing identification of staffing needs.

Timing and duration

 MEC is planned to support an initial time-bound consultancy of 6 months’ total duration to support the necessary foundational work including needs assessments, and the delivery of consultatuve meetings, the preparaiton of capacity development plans and the execution of these plans. Whle the duration of the contract is expected to be 6 months – this is not a full time assignment and the consultant will be able to work from home at a number of instances during the contract.

Subject to performance and to the needs that partners identify in their action planning, this could lead to further inputs (of the same, additional or alternative consultants/ TA providers) under a new or extended contract.

From MEC, one Education Coordinator with an appropriate technical background will be delegated to work intensively with the consultants and to provide necessary documents. MEC partners will also delegate staff who will be committed to this process, to the delivery of workshop(s) and to and the follow up stages.

Sequence of activities, outputs, and deliverables

Stage and Sequence

Main Activities and Location

Duration and Nos. of days


1. Home based preparation

(Home base)

  • Gather materials and case studies, read and familiarise with relevant MEC, partner and MoE/ project documents, literature Review

1 Week

Home base

hold introductory discussions (by Skype)

2.  Introductory work (Inception)  with MEC and Scoping

  • Introductory meetings - discussions with MEC
  • Work with core MEC team to consult and scope with partners re. their context, aspirations and needs
  • Consult with  other Yangon-based stakeholders working on aspects of school management/ leadership
  • Consult with ethnic and monastic partners on their needs and expecttaions for SIP
  • Prepare for workshop delivery and a detailed program of acvtivities for the remainder of the contract

 5-6 weeks period





Mae sot

Deliverables- Literature reviewed, workshop materaisl prepared, brief inception note, workshop design, workplan  

3. Preparation and Initial Workshop delivery

  • Prepare for workshop deliverable for MEC staff including training of MEC facilitators
  • Hold 2-day workshop for select MEC staff  introducing main concepts and making detailed plan for workshop preparation and implementation
  • Prepare for workshop deliverable for partners

 4-5 week period

MEC, Yangon

Deliverable- MEC workshop delivered and MEC facilitators trained and workshop materials for partners prepared

4. Technical Workshop delivery at partner locations outside Yangon

  • Plans/modules prepared for each partner
  • On Line review, preparation, review/discussion and capacity support for further planning,
  • Intial consultation on awareness raising of Leadership for Learning as a component of the SIP module workshops at partner locations
  • Preparation of partner tools and guidelines

7-8 week period


Mandalay  Mawlamyine Myitkyina

Mae Sot

Deliverables- workshops delivered as per work plan, brief workshop reports


5. Follow up and forward planning with MEC

  • Work with MEC to identify implications for MEC’s support, updating to operational plan and results framework/ M&E plan, linkages to other support inputs (e.g. MLE capacity development) and so on.

3-4 week period



Deliverables- summary and recommendations report


Total days:

Duration of contract = (5-6 months)



Minimum Consultant Requirements

MEC is seeking to contract a consultancy firm/company to implement the Scope of Work as described above. It is our belief that a team would require one international.


The international consultant should hold a Master’s or Ph.D degree in the field of basic education or social sciences and have substantive proven experience in designing and supporting school based management and school improvement planning, ideally in Myanmar or otherwise in one or more comparable contexts. He/ she should demonstrate creativity and flexibility in his/her work within the complex policy and technical  environment of Myanmar’s complementary education systems (i.e. not too wedded to a specific model or approach).


Location: Yangon(Head Office), Myanmar

Contract - Full-Time

Closing date: Friday 13 September 2019

All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified

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